Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Solitude of Prime Numbers

How does one define success?
Money, family, faith?

I believe it is one thing- 
following your heart.
It is waking with a smile and a laugh
It is finding solace in a love's arms
Its being able to laugh at yourself
And cry aloud when hurt

Being who you are
your essence

far too often we lose ourselves
just wanting to please others
and you give until the well runs out

And all you are left with is yourself.
The solitude of 1

and it reminds me of One- a prime number
1,3,5,7 etc 
What do they have in common and how does it relate to my quandry?
no  matter how you pair these, you are always left with one
that is you.
You are the beauty that makes that number prime

And once that realization hits- 
as it did me recently-
you have succeeded in the most important epiphany

Realizing that no matter what or who you are with - 
you are still the solitude of that prime number.
Nothing changes the essence of who you are

I have been waking with a smile thinking of memories of recent
and my laugh?
That somehow I connected Math with philosophy 

I hope this makes sense! lol
(This is also a title of a book)


  1. You are beautiful :) I Invite you :)

  2. Me encanta el blog!
    Buen trabajo, sigue así!

    Saludos desde Andalucia...

  3. Great blog.

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  5. Oh blimey - what a tedious pile on nonsense.

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