Wednesday, November 16, 2011

truth within yourself

We all have defined truths

Though they may be as in flux as a rapid river

What is your truth?

My truth is that I know that no matter what transpires

That i can always trust myself.

I can hold my own heart

Too often we disallow ourselves to resonate

To exist outside of this physical existence

We replicate the energy of others

And void the symbiotic relationship with us and ourselves

I think intuition is that voice of our source

It has never led me astray

And i understand its value

But how to we stay in communion with our heart?

How do u stay strong amidst adversity?

Or even worse

When you are out tune with yourself?

Sometimes I fall out of love with humanity

I have such a deep compassion for people and nature that at times I lose connection with myself and fall into a dark space.

I recognize that the negative energy induced is my disconnection from my nature

I think many of us live almost solely in our heads.

The beauty of existence is learning to take your internal source and illuminating.

Listen to your intuition, feel completely, and resonate your heart.

No matter the verbal exchange, or your "failures"

Realize its all learning to stay in tune with yourself while living in this skin.

Good luck

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