Thursday, October 27, 2011

The other side of the river

Sometimes I look in the mirror and dont recognize the face looking back at me
its weird
its like I have never seen this image before

Sometimes I find comfort in the absurdity of it
and sometimes it scares me
as if early memory loss has set in

I see every morning as a new experience
and every new face in the mirror as an opportunity to redefine it
to relive an existence that never took place
and that may never come to fruition

Every day we are remade
well, externally
our essence is constant

but we have new opportunities every day
I know this because for the longest time I refused those opportunities
I shyed away from nurturing that face in the mirror.

I left her as an image
as this stranger that I said good morning to for those years
I became numb
and the only thing that created reaction was to see that unknown creature in the mirror

It took so long to embrace that face
to reawaken to my own strength
to feel pride

I have remarked on my change frequently in these writings.
My transcendence
my awakening of sorts.

That stranger saved me
She was always there
waiting for me to truly see her

as weird as all of this metaphor sounds-
I saved myself
We all do
we- our essence- our spirit- our passion
can salvage any "broken" aspect within ourselves.
We create our destiny
we choose our fate

I choose life
I choose the other side of the river


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