Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tuning to Life

Sometimes I feel like Gravity works against me
I like floating in the clouds- idealistic and in love with existence

but every so oftern
That damned phenomena-
Forces me down
imploring with the negative impulses of perceptive life.

I feel chained to it sometimes
and it generates a distaste in me
where I feel like I cant escape it
As if it binds with its force
and my wrists are stained with burst capillaries below my skin.

My spirit fights it
and after a while,
I am slumped- and broken to the fight
and I become part of the world-
succomming to the temptations to perpetuate my own unhappiness.

When you are worn out
How do you generate the strength to stand up?

When I typed that I imagined a man sitting with no legs.
slumped against a brick wall
and I remembered when I was told stories of how those with no legs can still sense the legs that don't exist

I remember some philosophers saying that that sensation is proof of a soul.

And it connected just now.
Just because you don't have something doesn't mean you can't sense it
It doesn't mean that it doesn't necessarily exist.

When I feel broken and my wrists ache
When I feel like Im in bondage

You can't harp on it.
You cant focus on the negative

There is a beauty in those bruises
For that pain in your wrists- that exhaustion-
you know what that was???

It was your voice.
What a conviction do I have if I am willing to fight so hard?

The recognition of your strength should be enough for you to realize that it isn't the force binding you-

Its your acceptance of it and your tuning to it.
When you tune to the negative of this world- you absorb it.

Life is full of ups and downs.
Struggles and pitfalls.

But when you find yourself in a pit
remind yourself of the mountains you were on not long ago.

Trust in your strength.
Recognize your fight within
Embrace it
Accept that not everything flows freely,
and sometimes Gravity snags you so you can appreciate yourself and who you are.

Thank you life's challenges
you are building me


  1. This is probably my favorite one from you. :)

    I miss you and hope you're doing well. It's been FAR too long since I've seen you.

  2. None of your stupid, nonsensical ramblings mean anything. And anyone else who says they do is full of shit and just as ignorant as you. Do you just flip through a dictionary and find words that you think sound nice together and/or are meaningful. You are the stupidest bitch!

  3. Whats funny to me is that you read all my writings. Lol. If you don't like them - thats fine, but why do you continually come here and read my writings and spend your time commenting? To me that is pretty stupid. Lol