Saturday, July 30, 2011

self love

One more hour.
Its all I ask for.

ITs hard to find the time to stop
and listen to your own heartbeat.

It scares me.
The initial thought of time with oneself is frightening
to sit- alone
listening to the thoughts
to listen to the thinker

Once I invest that time,
I cant help but wish I had one more hour.
Like I am my own soul mate
that feeling in your gut when someone you care so deeply for is about to leave.
That longing.

I guess I have a love affair with myself
not in the pretentious sense
There is a big difference to love onself
and hyperbolizing false love for the adoration of others

I truly love who I am.
What I feel
My conviction and altruistic affectations

Though its hard at times
to face my faults
the circumstances where my intent is superceded with fear based action.

When I myself default
on promises
on love
on outstretching self invented barriers
on communication

But the resonation of my heart will be heard first.


  1. altruistic affections or virtuous affections?

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