Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cyclical evolution

My heart is bursting
I assume its the awakening of my spirit
and not a heart attack
though I think both are life changing

I have this morbid understanding of existence.
I see beauty in every trauma or rainstorm
Most are just misunderstandings.
Most are illusions

I refuse to accept defeat
in any aspect of my life
even if I am initiaing my own undoing.

No thing can break me
no one can harm me unless I allow them to
and I am vigilant

but what of love?
what of that fluttering heart?
how does one open without breaking?

I would argue its all about your perception
if you refuse to believe in the breaking and see it as a transition in life and a cyclical evolution
there is only openess

never say die
always perceive it as a learning lesson.
Understand what you need
and enhance yourself through tribulation.

Lets awaken
lets respect ourselves
it all lies in that.
accept who you are

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