Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Is amazed by people everyday.

I try to awaken with a smile and a laugh as to set the day in motion.
Not the force of a laugh, but something that triggers my brain to gush out that full hearty laugh that echoes the walls and shakes my heart into a jovial pulse.

I have been given many of these over the past few months thanks to a few people in my life.

I am so blessed to have these people in my life.
They brighten my heart and resonate in my soul.
They are the sunlight that kisses my eyelids awake

They represent the parts of us that change civilizations.

Thank you for being that for me.
Its been a tough year.
There were times that I didn't think I would make it out
Times that I woke with swollen eyes and tear stained pillows

Meditation has given me insight
Yoga has reconditioned my body
And amazing people have awakened the old me
The naturally optimistic parts of me
The inherent me.

The past 9 months have given me insight that I needed
that I haven't given myself time to understand or delve into.

I feel comfortable with myself
and with you

Its nice to see yourself blossom.
Its funny to me and I chuckle as I think about it.
Its like a phoenix.
rising from the ashes of who we create ourselves to be without knowing it

The true beauty of a person is their inherent intuitive presence.
when we shed work, expectations, others expectations, and fear

When we just are.

Who are you when you get to the source?
Who are you in the now?
In this moment?

I want to get to know that person
that isnt afraid to shed
to feel
to be openly expressive

Lets stop hiding
lets awaken
lets rise as a phoenix