Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Mountain

There is this hairy (grassy) mountain here in sedona
you can see cars pushing up it in 45 degree angles.

I sat yesterday and watched them criss cross against it, then fade into the unknown of the top.
I imagined that the top was the ascension Plato described in the cave.
Maybe the true cave is this reality.

I don't honestly know.
But its fun to hypothesize

I sat thinking about the cars, and their patterns.
I found myself filling with frustration at it.
Why get worked up over something so impersonal?

I recall saying out loud....
"I dont want to drive my life up the mountains of life.
I want to feel the earth between my fingernails.
I want to climb it.
I want my life to be this vivid declaration of love
where the work is shown through my perspiration

I meditated on that and recognized that I have always felt that way
I have lived life with passion and I will continue to.

Loving these epiphanies.