Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking to Now

The words spill from my lips
and my brain pumps these melodic ramblings forth
like the pressure and gushing from an old fashioned watering pump
and these words are sweet as they purse from my lips

Time has stopped existing for me as of late
the linear nature I once understood is but imaginary now
and it throws me off
i find myself not caring about it
as if it never mattered

as if we put so much importance on time
we busy ourselves so much
but do we do it to fill that void of time?

How much of what we do is to push that clock forward?
are we living just enough to fill the time between sleep?

Are we enjoying our lives?
Are we filling out lives with love or are we just buffering our lives until death embraces us?

The problem all along was me.
It was not appreciating the time I was in now.
Focused on the past, finding a sense of closure
Searching in the darkness looking for that light switch.
focusing on the future of whether I would find it or not.
Spending all that effort and time on other states of being.

Its the now that is important.
Nothing else necessarily exists.
Do you see that?

It isnt "well I have time to kill before X"
It is doing what you feel led to now.
The prior fills one with worry and anxiety.
the latter? Joy.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
Planning to hike, and its supposed to snow.
Imagine my disappointment.
That is one outlook.

Its time to retune our minds
Its about damn time that we embrace where we are and what we are dealt.
There is no looking forward- there just is now.

We exist in this moment.
Lets embrace it.


  1. Don't let all time stop or else you lose your perspective. Awesome imagery nonetheless.

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