Friday, April 15, 2011

The Journey

Is it possible to move on?
to move past who we once were
to evolve?

To evolve past relationships, people, situations that used to once make us so happy
so enthralled?
Or is it a capturing?
Do we carry these ppl and images of memories with us?

and if so, is that why my back hurts so much?

Sometimes I feel like some memories chase me.
That I attempted to cut them,
but they are continuously texting me

like that cold that wont leave your skin.
those cold nights that infect your bones
and you would do anything to alleviate that aching in the tendons

I love these days
staring at a red mountahin
writing these words as they come
feeling the sun kiss my back.
as if it is embracing me from behind.

I am in love with this world.
maybe thsi is why I am alone.
I am already having a love affair.

I nestle in the moons gaze
wake up to the suns kisses
and spend the day reading in trees, by the water, or on a mountain.

I sometimes don't feel that any man could love me like this.
And as I have said- it will take a very special man to stop me on this adventure.

and though I love this part of my life,
I cant wait to experience a love like that.

We shall see what transpires, but none the less,
I am loving this journey.


  1. Don't stop now. Push forward. Follow your own voice: ignore all of "us." There is no collective. There is only the individual. When one truly understands the principle of nonaggression, one earns the right to be an individual. But don't EVER think that the enemy is not reading this right now. Because they probably read this before you did. They are the first to read your "blogs." Strike anywhere, no planning. Strike with Peace and a measured amount of forgiveness.

  2. The right man wont take you off the adventure but travel it with you. Be beside you, not in front of or behind. He'll take your hand and leap with you. Those are a rare and cautious breed. It takes time to locate and coax them out ;)

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