Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Paradigms

Its starting to show

That all I see scares me.
That we all live in bubbles
beautiful plasma based bubbles

But I am not a fan of boundaries
whether it be created by a state
..........or a state of mind

We have the freedom to roam,
even if its in our minds eye

I wont be controlled
even if its by myself
Even if I am the one shackling myself
bound to old paradigms
and old fashioned expectations

I wont live behind a picket fence
and I wont ask how your day was
but I will love loyally
because this conviction wont end
It wont end at 5PM
no matter the area code

and it won't stop on Saturdays
because the beauty id that this conviction isn't purely political
the conviction contains love
it contains my heart and its devotion
I cant be quantitated in value
whether it be pounds, value, or time.

I'm unconventional
I don't fit into aprons
though I would delight in giving

so lets transcend
lets get on a higher vibration
lets love
without pre existing standards.

lets burst the safety zones of our bubbles
and come out from behind our curtains
behind the visage we so fearfully hide behind