Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking a Stand

Sometimes we question ourselves.
Our inherent selves
that which thrives within us,
sometimes exposing itself, sometimes hidden like a turtle- hidden in its shell

That is- until we see things like I saw today
I was so moved I teared up.
headphones in- on my elliptical
I was crying at the gym

not tears of frustration or pain
but of beauty
I was moved at what I saw on that screen.

We are awakening.
All of us
We saw it in the streets of Egypt.
We see it in Libya
We are seeing a wave

That is- if we open our eyes
If we cleanse out the fear that keeps us in that shell
If we ignore the scare tactics and pain
and consequence.

We create our own consequence.
No one could induce anymore pain than we place on ourselves

But lets wipe the fear away and see ourselves for what we truly are.
we are revolutionary
we are individually the future.

But will it take Egypt to move us?
to awaken us out of this self deprecating psychosis?
Will it take others to awaken our inner spirits?

To be proud of our brothers and sisters over there?
When will we stand up
When do we learn to love through voicing our hearts?
When do we fight with LOVE?

I am done placating
I am done silently passing through the masses hoping to find one of us.
I am done with the group mentality.

I am here to demonstrate LOVE

We are awakening
Lets awaken our hearts, our minds, and our souls to LOVE
to uniting with others
To not being the status Quo

We are all worth it.
You are worth it
I am worth it.

I am escaping from my shell.
Its time to come completely out of our comforts
and expose our beauty
Our love

Lets stand united.


  1. How?
    Dan Turner (Facebook)

  2. Americans are too brainwashed. The world is having a revolution without guns, while the Americans huddle in the corner of their living room in a fetal position with their guns they will never use scared shitless waiting for the world to save them. USA, USA, USA!! *ROLLS EYES* whatever!

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