Wednesday, February 2, 2011


this night cloaks me
I sit, chai latte to my left
Typing out my heart
in black stick letters
letters composing words, that reach my brain formulating pictures, memories, emotions

Odd how life is so harmonious with our hearts
Even the struggle, even the bad
We allow the world to showcase our inner hearts to ourselves.
What you see is the universe responding to your essence.

Its like we are free falling into ourselves.

Changes and fluctuations come and go in our lives.
The beauty of it is to embrace those changes.

to love that sensation of change.
to evoke heart
to be true to yourself

For the change is awakening the deepest parts of yourself
Parts of me that I never knew existed.
Like a release of my true self

That young 19 year old that was naive but giving to the point of losing everything.
That woman that wasnt hurt, that didn't know what harm was
To be truly vulnerable again
That is all I ever wanted

And that is what I now have.

Reputation is a facade,
who is able to open themselves completely to existence?
All of us, that is who
But who can open themselves completely to others?
well, that takes insight, and a deeper understanding of existence

It is what it means to truly live

Are we truly living?
I choose yes

moving past the pain, anger, transgressions
and onto light.
onto love



  1. This is beautiful, Allison. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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  3. courage is a false god

    i wish you well

    but doubt you still come here