Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coming Clean

Its time
time to dispose of the past
time to live for myself

If I was honest about what the problem is
I would have to say it was me

I can't live up to what others want
I don't believe in hiding oneself
I don't believe in shrouds

I can't live up to expectations
I won't
I can only exude that which is in my heart.

and my heart is naive, romantic,
and endless in giving love
entwined with a soft voice

I live in my own head
and I am learning to express my heart
it is summoned and it seems to skip my voicebox and is expressed through my eyes
in water based expression

Or on this paper

When does patience pick up?
When does ones heart resonate in the minds of others?

How do you completely express yourself while jumbling over the words to express it?

Does action dictate ones intent?
What if Intent dominates, but the action doesnt express it?

I am love
We are love

So when does the satisfaction of that begin?

When will we see that we can't live up to what others want of us?
That we have to be enough for ourselves?

That who we are eminates existence?

Life is about more than others expectations
And I choose Happiness.
That is it.

I am goofy
I am loveable
and I love being happy.

Not to ignore problems, but use happiness to work through them.
Lets get on a higher vibration.
I am choosing to do so.

Lets fulfill ourselves, then disperse it to others

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