Saturday, December 4, 2010

The moon

I lay on my roof tonight
counting stars
and wishing on those that fail to shoot in the sky

Why have I never seen a shooting star?
Are my wishes being overlooked?
Am I not meant to wish on falling stars?

I don't think I would wish on a falling star
reminds me of that puff the magic dragon episode.
little johnny paper
here it is: (starting at 2:45)

I don't want to wish fortune on somethings misfortune

But I digress

that moon
its awkward smile caresses my soul

I feel its breath
and it knows me well
for I come out here often as of late.
absorbing its energy
and understanding that this crisp night will produce all the love and good i will need
I will ever need

but is that enough?
are we enough for ourselves?

I am not so sure on either point.
this will take some thinking
but I know my heart yearns to share this night with someone

someone that can appreciate it
and the way in which I see life, the night, and existence