Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank you David Nolan

This is the end of an era.

We are all in this pilgrimage of our life.
Our souls searching for purpose- exposing ourselves to other souls which could be argued are other versions of ourselves.

We are always learning and growing.
And I am lamenting his loss.
Buckley singing my lamentations as my gratitude for his existence slides down my cheeks
these water droplets are salty.
but are a delicious taste and reminder of my adoration.

Death doesn't scare me
I respect it.
Just as I respect him, his lessons, his continual happy jovial nature.

I spoke with him that same day,
telling him how much I respected him.
Not because of ideology, but because of his fortitude.
He never gave up. He never backed down.

He stood up for other mentors of mine-
He never followed what was popular, but what was right.

He saw more in this existence than material formations.
He saw potential in people like me.
He saw something in me that made me want to work harder for him.

He was the kind of person you Wanted to work hard for.
HE was an inspiration for us entrepreneurs.
For those of us that want to make a difference in our existence.
For those of us that believe in love and sunshine.

David never had a scowl, and in every interaction with me- refused to let me say "i can't"
He pushed me.
He wouldn't Let me give up.

He will be missed.
I can only hope in my limited life to achieve what he has.

I can only hope to take his message and heart-
and spread a fraction of that out.
To give strength to future Allison Gibbs'
To be that flashlight guiding the futures path.

I ask that I understand and execute the lessons his presence has awakened me to.
Thank you David Nolan for being a mentor, a confidant, a source of inspiration, and a good person.

I will miss you terribly
but I will take your passing as the passing of a torch to my generation.
For us to get off our asses and fulfill that inspiration you have ignited in us.

Thank you.

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