Thursday, November 11, 2010

The NAP and Ostracism

How do we define Liberty?

To me its all based on the Non- Aggression Principle and the Free Market analysis.
I choose to live my life as I see fit and believe I should have the freedom to do so as long as I don't initiate force or fraud on another human being. I take it farther than some would, believing that there is bad juju out there that can be defined in my eyes as force. I believe in manipulative emotional force, and I can best describe it as intentionally attempting to harm someone through manipulation tactics. Breaking someone down intentionally through bad juju is unacceptable to me.
The solution for such acts? Well, the anarchist in me says Ostracism. It is key in a free society. You are what you put into the world, and if your output is negative and harming to others, then your reputation will prove your judge and jury.

Ostracism is a free market principle I believe, as is the non agression principle. You must be honest in your dealings and in your nature to be trusted as far as your person and your product. Your name goes a long way in society and adhereing to the NAP helps you to propel in society.

Everyone has the freedom to behave as they see fit, and chances are- if you are adhering to the NAP and folks still attack- that it has something to do within them- not you.


  1. I think there should be a bright dividing line between initiating force or fraud versus other objectionable behavior. The reason for this is that initiated force or fraud must be the only justification for using defensive or retaliatory force. Otherwise we end up with wide-spread violence "justified" by harsh words or dirty looks or dressing the wrong way.

    The NAP is an important basis for ethics but it obviously can't stand alone. Another important principle for living is what I call the D'BAD Principle: Don't Be A Douche. And ostracism is the perfect countermeasure.


  3. Allison, the key word in your discussion is "manipulation". There is a secrecy element involved to manipulation. The reason why the ruling elite can get away with so much manipulative crap is because they use their money and influence "incognito". You mentioned ostracizing the manipulator. I prefer to call it "expose" and then demoralize. Ostracize is synonymous with demoralize.

    The liberty movement is becoming more and more successful, because people are becoming aware of the the fact that there is secrecy involved - and so now they are watching out for it more.

    If you can overlook the religious connotations of the message at: (aside from my religious views - I strictly believe in the 1st ammendment freedom of religion) - the guru opens with the words, "Do not think for a minute light workers that you are in the minority. The polls have now shifted. There are now more light workers in the world than there are people in darkness"

    Despite the fact that we outnumber the "supposed Masters of social responsibility" (the words Mahavatar Babaji chose in the message to mock the Satanic illuminati), we have yet to fully unite together in our efforts (Babaji said that we must all unite and set aside our difference)

    I speculate that these are some of the reasons we have not yet fully united:

    1. We still see our goal as working within a government that is dominated by the dark ones. While we must try to expel the dark ones from government, we also must be willing to operate independently of them. As radical as this may sound, at some point - we need to have the courage to form our own tribunals - and that, when a GIVEN NUMBER OF US are absolutely convinced by the preponderance of the evidence - we must carry out our own justice. This is consistent with the words of Thomas Jefferson, "Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants". We must be exceptionally careful here, because - I regard myself as a freedom fighter, but I was kicked off a Ron Paul bulletin board by a small group of people here who locally set themselves up as a "power clique".

    2. We must organize more people to oversee elections. It is not entirely clear to me that the elections aren't rigged.

    3. We must employ/organize our own volunteer and for-hire private investigators.

    I could add more to the list, but I think you get the idea of where I am going with it ....

    P.S. See this picture at: . It looks almost identical to a man I met 2 years ago under "mysterious" circumstances - circumstances that were tied to the idea of more Liberty in the world. It is difficult for me to elaborate, and I myself have not fully reached a conclusion about what happened, but I am still in awe of the memory of it.

  4. Is ostracism really non-aggressive?

  5. It comes back around to equality of rights and justice. So much of government intervention attempts social justice by violating the rights of group "A" and granting illegitimate privilege to group "B". Ostracism and shunning would require that property rights, regardless of whether someone feels they are right or wrong, or offensive, or discriminatory, be respected and defended absolutely. Until property owners, including business owners, are able to control the disposition of their property, who may or may not enjoy the privilege of access or trade and the conditions of that access/trade, liberty will always be violated by those who believe they have the right to intervene.

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