Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Breaking the mold

I am ascending from the cave.

My future is blurry.
inconsistent, wavering
like a mirage in the distance.

But this wind calms me, cools me down
cloaks me in its crisp blanket

and I stood in it. Arms outstretched- eyes closed
taking it in.
evoking that child inside of me

the young woman that takes life by the horns
and is ok with the unknown
relying on fate
and trusting existence.

We lose trust in ourselves and our environment sometimes
attempting to control who we think we should be.
maybe we aren't what we believe we 'should be'
maybe who we are is more beautiful than that pseudo reality.

I want to break the chains I have placed on myself.
the limitations
the 'should's and forceful words
that make it easy to package me in a 3 worded box.

lets stop producing labels
and start evoking the power and love within- no matter how it is perceived
no matter how geeky or stupid it may seem to others

Its time to shine
Its time for my eyes to get used to the brilliance of the sun- the good.

Its time to come out from hiding.
this is me- exposed
this is the good, the bad, the vulnerable

This is my completeness

Take it or leave it.

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