Thursday, September 9, 2010

Against the grain

The arms of the future are expanding before me
Opening up
awaiting my entrance.
It lures me in with its loving affectation
and I am drunk on its magnitude

A new channel
A new future

And I won't wait forever

It feels as if I am standing at the edge
My eyes slowly close
producing tears of finalization
and I feel my arms begin to outstretch
until they expand to the point of tingling

I stand, head lifted- intaking that delicate scent of the swaying breeze

I can't wait
for this is the moment when I realize who and what I am

I am free
I am as this breeze, blowing freely
And its time to take that next step
that next step forward
into the unknown
into the future

Why is the future so intriguing to us?
Why do I feel excitement yet fear?

Why, as I stand outstretched- do I bite my lip?

I can't wait forever

Its a new season
And I am ready to take it on
whatever may come.

Because I have a calmness in my heart-
and a desire to remain optimistic.
and I have a tendency to go against the grain.
It is time to give in and let go

This is my signal fire.

It is time to fall into the abyss

and I am letting go
and I am following my heart