Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shooting Stars and Existence

What do we truly believe about reality?
what do we know about what exists outside our perception?

Well, belief or knowledge?

Do we just hope to wish on shooting stars for our fortune
I await that meteor shower next week.
Oh how many potential realities that will come sprinkling down into this atmosphere
Cradling my hope and allowing my mind to believe in something so substantial yet transparent.

But Genies wont dictate your future-
no cosmic entitiy or phenomena will create your perception-
Only you create what exists in the now

To take it back
into the depths of the past
when we were too young to understand existence

Back when I yearned to live rather than exist
and science tingled my spirit
and tumors in the lab moved me to write
caturing my heart
and dissecting the form of love and beauty from it.

But now I venture to see the love in human samples, not just tissues or particles from the sick or troubled
I am moved daily by this world.
Moved to shaking my foundational understanding and constantly redefining my perspective and beliefs.

How beautiful is it to have constant epiphanies?
to see the simple things in life and cherish them, and not caring for the big picture?
To care for all of humanity but it being constantly reaffirmed by the details in individuals

There are more of us like that
More than most see
but lets open our eyes
lets see the beauty in a smile or in someons innocence.

Lets stop generalizing or judging others based on things that dont truly matter in the long run
b/c I am in this for the long haul
The compassion in my chest cant be stopped
And I wont let it be punctuated.

Nothing can stop this heart that beats to the point of exhaustion at times.
And I love those around me.
Those that resonate the forms and I daily learn from.