Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Theory of Productivity

The world steals my strength sometimes
Feeling that weight on my shoulders
pressing my shoulder blades, cutting through the skin

When will we produce Charity?
When do the symbiotic relationships develop?
And why have I hit a limiting factor?

When will these eyelids feel lighter?
And why do the late nights press on seeming to never end?

Production and results breed respect
Your essence creates positive juju
No matter how loud one gets- what is truly important is their level of productivity.
What results is this person showing? Truly showing?

When will our whispers echo to move mountains?
When will our love force a smile on everything- even the sun?

I never thought I would see it.
Never thought this idealistic heart would succumb to reality.
How delicious is that taste of a job well done.

To see the beauty in all people
to be moved by the wind
to delight in the notion of someone giving of themselves for something larger

to be that spark in the darkness.
That is vigilance
and that is what I seek

That is my essence.
You want to see what I'm made of?
Look at my work
Listen to my words
Know my heart.

It beats on a familiar string,
bouncing dimension of apriori understanding

It contains an insatiable appetite for knowledge
through passion and education
we can truly understand

When will we see
that this world is all conviction based?
When will we see things for what they truly are?

When will we stop running?

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