Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Necessity of Substance

The waves crashed upon my soul the other night.
relieving me from my inner furnace.
All that boils this heart of mine.

Sometimes we get carried away when we think we should be having our fun
When we reject that which binds us- finding complete freedom

Will we ever learn?

That it isnt just our logic that dictates our freedom?
That no matter how many times you read Rothbard, Hayek, or Rand
that who you truly are cant be find within their pages
It rests in your existence.

It exudes from you
it perspires
in such a delicate way, that the beauty of your heart intermingled with you actions and how you treat others creates you

Lets stand for more than script in black and white
Lets withstand constraining ourselves to text and tradition

Lets break free of the realm of debate and cliche

Lets Exude our essences.
Lets inspire others through example
Lets love unconditionally and be open to claiming when we are wrong
Lets own our failure
and learn from it.

Lets create Charity
and give back
lets change the way we live
and the way we impact this world.

Join Me.


  1. I think you are your most at home and stable amongst the swells and whitecaps of the tempestuous sea of liberty, Miss Allison.

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