Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Atlas is Shrugging

How long until the hard workers of this moevement reap their just rewards?
Or give up in the end?
When will we learn to stop propping up projects and people for the sake of the movement?

Its in our blood.
Its our essence.
To give all we are for conviction based ideology.
We are the Atlas' of society.

and though I proclaim that the essence of "too big to fail" in the monetary circles is inherently flawed,
I execute this ideology and actions with activists and projects "too big to fail".

I am burnt out.
and dissapoiinted.
not only in myself in adhering to this continual state of emergency- continually picking up the slack for others,or keeping projects from dissipating.
but I am dissapointed in those that use the Atlas' in this movement for their own ambition.

Dont start a project- not follow through- use others to fix it- then claim it was your doing.
Ayn Rand was right and I am beginning to appreciate her work.

This Atlas right here is shrugging
time to look after myself and those that do good work and are consistent.
This is a LOVElution.,,

It isnt about celebrities or minimalist projects.
It isnt about percentage cuts or incentives.
This isnt a competition- its our future.

Its about the Fucking Movement.
Its about me wanting to help create a world for my children to flourish as individuals
Its about understanding the virtues and what they entail.
Its about individualism.

And I will no longer go into a collective to save a decaying project.
I won't be your failsafe.

Such a beautiful taste on my lips to say that.
Individualism relies on the most important libertarian belief:
Personal responsibility.

I have been considering going back into science or at least going underground.
Working another angle.
Following one of my other passions (science, philosophy, writing, art).

I won't support those who arent philosophically sound.
I wont compromise my convictions for the sake of a falsified friendship or any other relationship.

I don't react well to force.
And you can only push Atlas far enough, filling his back.
Before he shrugs.
Before another hard worker dissipates into the private sector once again.
Before a doer retires from taking on the burdens of others.

Appreciate the Atlas' in your life. Appreciate yourself.
Follow through
without excuses- without blame.

Its time to take a step in my own direction.
To take care of myself and those I love.

to focus on curing my metasticized cells.
to focus on giving and conceiving life for those that cant
those that have impacted not only my life but countless others.
That person deserves my unending loyalty.

I am following through with my dreams.
I want to publish my philosophical theory.
I want to love.

And I wont put my life on hold anymore.

Appreciate the doers in your life.
Give back to them.