Monday, April 19, 2010

What is important?

i feel the tug at my sleeve
The one I wear my heart on.
and The days are growing in ways I had not imagined
Out rather than up

It spins ever so fast
but the stars still move me with every tilt of the earth

what string of this existence is beign plucked?
What melodic note am I in the middle of?

Fate is changing its face with every turn I make,
and I am not completely sure of my locality or proximity to the cause

I need a GPS
but I fear even then I would elude the ping of the satellite

and how I envy that sattelite-
existing within those stars that cause vaporous tears to descend down my cheeks.

I wonder where my own quark is
my completing element in this existence

Where are our intrinsic desires?
within us?
pinged into existence by these metaphorical satellites?

Or do we float among the stars?
somehow finding untiy and affinity within their twinkling eyes?
is that where we feel most safe?

Where is it that I exist in communion with the forms?
When do we understand the completeness of such delicacies as beauty and love?

Those are the wonderful delights of this world- not the frustrating times, or the descent-
but the love.
the passion
the devotion
the loyalty to compassion.

Embrace that side of you
and feed that childish wonder inside of you.
Let's truly live

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  1. Wow Allison really have a way with words ..thank you for sharing ..I am so blessed to know such a talented inspiring young woman...Thakn you for sharing ....I felt every word in my heart xoxoox