Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Burning Out

From my mouth springs forth tales.

Tales of envisionary loves
Uncasting dilemmas
and a new found awakening of my spirit.

My head echoes tha tof my heart
and the hear of my spirit resonates through the last 27 years.

Nothin can stop this force.
Not that of death or misfortune.

This passion exists exponentially
This pressure in my chest.
This sense of purpose.

My eyes turn to love over all else.
Charity- devotion- adoration.

We must continue to do whats right.
Though these miles divide us- nothing can extinguish the fire within us.
This phoenix is rising- and we are riding on its wings.

We can't let go though the heights to which we soar may be fearful.
We are rising.
Because of you. Because of your work.

Lets look at this in a positive light.
Lets not douse ourselves with the gasoline of anger and light the match of frustration....
That only leads to us getting burnt out.

Instead lets blossom as the Lily.
The beauty of this flower produces much more effective outcomes than the man on fire.

Lets rise in our pursuits apart of the same cloth.
Lets stand together in our convictions.

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