Sunday, April 25, 2010

I need an answer

The news hit me like a brick wall
and after the collision i sit and wait for a potential aftershock.

What are we?
i don't believe that we are a compilation of our physical parts
i don't believe we are a bundle of energy.

We have life, and we have the ability to breathe it into others
if we choose to do so.
I want to breath positive life
and i will spend my life doing so

noone can stop me
no thing can stop me
no agent, no genetic inhabitant can destroy this resolve in my chest.

I understand the forms
the virtues
and i want to live in harmony with them

upon new findings I am have more resolve to not accept the providence that I have been given.
the one time i disagree with Emerson.
I don't accept the reality of the given situation

But in my head
all i see scares me.

Its that epic battle between the mind and the heart.
what is to come?
what new evidence will be brought forth

is this my eternal sleeping space?
will I achieve more than I have?
have i learned all i am meant to?

to brush up close
to breathe in that foul breath
of death
won't be the first time I have encountered a passing
and it won't be the last

a new self emerges out of every important interaction
and we are continually changing
just as a hand in the river

so i speak softly
awaiting word
for a new understanding
of life, of fate

I need an answer
for myself

the wind


I breathe you in
intoxicating scent.

hanging on a wire
proclaiming sancutary

The breeze speaks to me
and my soul feels old.
I feel ages old in this moment.

As the wind brushes my being.

i long for the west coast.
a calling. fate, or just coincidence.

location is merely where your body rests.
it doesnt entail the mind actually being there.

these words on my toungue taste bittersweet
and I am unsure of this meaning
but i write
compelled by the suns gaze

and this wind.
brushing my hair back form my sun chapped shoulders

eyes closed, taking it in
just resonating with this incredible wind

i am glad noone is watching
that this moment is mine
for me
for this moment

and I get to interpret it just for myself

Monday, April 19, 2010

What is important?

i feel the tug at my sleeve
The one I wear my heart on.
and The days are growing in ways I had not imagined
Out rather than up

It spins ever so fast
but the stars still move me with every tilt of the earth

what string of this existence is beign plucked?
What melodic note am I in the middle of?

Fate is changing its face with every turn I make,
and I am not completely sure of my locality or proximity to the cause

I need a GPS
but I fear even then I would elude the ping of the satellite

and how I envy that sattelite-
existing within those stars that cause vaporous tears to descend down my cheeks.

I wonder where my own quark is
my completing element in this existence

Where are our intrinsic desires?
within us?
pinged into existence by these metaphorical satellites?

Or do we float among the stars?
somehow finding untiy and affinity within their twinkling eyes?
is that where we feel most safe?

Where is it that I exist in communion with the forms?
When do we understand the completeness of such delicacies as beauty and love?

Those are the wonderful delights of this world- not the frustrating times, or the descent-
but the love.
the passion
the devotion
the loyalty to compassion.

Embrace that side of you
and feed that childish wonder inside of you.
Let's truly live

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The beauty of this day tears my eyes.
one glance moves me
sequestering me into this daze
Where my memory sways so delicately

I danced in the shower this morning
feeling those droplets of water tap down my back
and a rush of giggles came forth from my soul

how i love mornings
and the silly nature that lies inside of myself
embodied deep within my spirit

I close my eyes to the sound
the sound of the rushing wind
as it blows back my hair
and cleanses my spirit of negative thoughts

I am revived

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Burning Out

From my mouth springs forth tales.

Tales of envisionary loves
Uncasting dilemmas
and a new found awakening of my spirit.

My head echoes tha tof my heart
and the hear of my spirit resonates through the last 27 years.

Nothin can stop this force.
Not that of death or misfortune.

This passion exists exponentially
This pressure in my chest.
This sense of purpose.

My eyes turn to love over all else.
Charity- devotion- adoration.

We must continue to do whats right.
Though these miles divide us- nothing can extinguish the fire within us.
This phoenix is rising- and we are riding on its wings.

We can't let go though the heights to which we soar may be fearful.
We are rising.
Because of you. Because of your work.

Lets look at this in a positive light.
Lets not douse ourselves with the gasoline of anger and light the match of frustration....
That only leads to us getting burnt out.

Instead lets blossom as the Lily.
The beauty of this flower produces much more effective outcomes than the man on fire.

Lets rise in our pursuits apart of the same cloth.
Lets stand together in our convictions.