Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is my rant

I am the quiet type
I glimmer and shine with those that I love
With philosophical conversations
and the speak of microbiology or parasites.
With those I radiate and verbalize that which I know.

I also love opening to positive natures and free spirits.
This spirit will aid anyone in need as long as the non aggression principle is followed.

That being said-
Here is my rant.

This movement, to me, is about furthering the ideals of a liberty based society.
Not infighting,
not personal attacks,
no dramatic insignificance.

I refuse to be involved in such-
I let my passion and work speak for itself.
No defense, no need for it
for one's presence will radiate through their nature and works.

I feel the need to express my frustration with the movement at this point.

There is so much beauty- and progress being made.... why don't we focus on that?
Why do we fall victim and revel in x vs. x arguments?

This movement and all organizations and individuals within it are voluntary associations.
Lets focus on the free market principles and personal responsibility we always proclaim to others.
If we choose to not associate with a certain organization- free market principles would suggest to start a competing organization that is as effective as you personally would dictate for it to be and that healthy competition between the two groups would encourage both to improve.
And if that group is truly not running effectively, it will perish.
Isn't that what the free market would decide?
Isn't that what we say about voluntary associations?

I never understood when some get mad about a group or person's work and just rely on attacks rather than solutions such as creating a competing group, etc.

I see this movement as being a positive influence on the world. It surely has been a positive influence on me. I have learned and grown so much in the last year.

I have learned how to say no. I have learned that my time is valuable to myself. That working every night until 3 AM isn't going to work for much longer. That burning out physically isn't going to make me productive in the future.

Lets focus on staying positive, and living liberty in every ounce of our daily lives- including relationships with those we love and those we have difficulty with.
Lets follow the non aggression principle. Lets live voluntarily.

I would rather spend my time focusing on ending the big government state and spreading good juju to those that need it.

We have to keep those awakened energized and passionate. That comes from our own passion. If we all are worn down dealing with basic drama we won't have enough for ourselves or awakening others to Liberty.

Why would anyone want to embrace the principles of Rothbard from someone that talks poorly of others or through negative verbal aggression?

Lets think on how we can spread the message through awakening others and igniting that spark again in those of us that have the capability of spreading the message.

Without more in the movement, we are only a fixed pie. I know I don't want that.