Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The beauty in opening your Heart

A lot of folks have a hesitency to open up to others.
To show their vulnerability.

I argue that to truly see the form world or to be happy
you MUST put yourself- your Whole self- out there

I think part of your hesitancy to open up is that you're afraid of making mistakes.
The thought process that if your going to do something you want to think it through.
You want to ensure mistakes Aren't made.

But half of the beauty in seeing the light and opening up IS making mistakes.

To create the most growth you need to be open

BUT you have made mistakes BY waiting it out- by your methodical calculations.
Its like the vulnerable argument I have so often.

you have to get into it if you want to get the maximum happiness from it

you cant stand around the pool putting your toe in it- testing the waters

you have to jump in
and Yes, you may land on your belly and it may sting
but at least you can now enjoy the pool
and the majesty of the water.

now we can play marco polo
or whatever game we want!

and you will get Pruney
but the happiness will outweigh the physical conditions

So lets Take the plunge and Choose to truly live with one another.
Not to get something
But to enjoy and learn from one another.

If anything Existence is overplayed.
Truly Living is that which all happiness derives.

Monday, January 11, 2010

This year is to you.

I have spent the last few days attempting to figure out what this years goals will be.
How will it be different from last year?

and it hit me last night. in a dream.

This year is to you.
To you out there that have given their last breath to what is right.
To those of you that know what is important in life.

To you who easily sweep the stress from your shoulders.
This year is to you.

We have to give to ourselves if we ever wish to give to others.
It has taken me 27 years to see this, and I am finally beginning to embrace it.
We have to focus on those that enrich our lives.

This year I will not work until the wee hours of the morning.
This year I will do more of what I love: writing

I will give back to you-
who have inspired me to be a better person.

To you who have shown me what love and devotion are.
To those of you taht have stayed up till 4 am with me contemplating lifes purpose.
You- who let my philosophical side take over and listen intently to my thoughts on love, life, and metaphysical quandries.

To those of you that listen to me ramble my antiwar views.

I want to dedicate this year to you, and most of all your happiness.

Its time to give back the joy that you have given me.
Its time to appreciate life- and truly live.

Thank you for being the example.

thank you for awakening me from my sleep.

Thank you for your existence. You are truly an inspiration.