Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All I See Scares Me

All I See Scares Me

I believe this is true for all humans.
Fear is a factor of life.
Yet we spend our lifetimes denying it as such.

It is seen as weakness- defeat.

But maybe not.
Maybe fear is a virtue- a form.

That there is a simplistic beauty in this natural phenomena.

Maybe it takes us accepting that premise
to open up that part of ourselves

To hatch a new perspective~

To see that majesty blossom.

That in our pain we will find what makes us beautiful.
Maybe true courage isn't overcoming a fear
but rather recognizing that which makes us fearful.

Introspection into our hidden compartments
the ones we stow away or ignore.

Maybe true understanding of ones self isn't in the accomplishments-
but in what we deem as faults.