Friday, October 23, 2009

Who is to blame?

Do you ever sometimes feel helpless?
Like your desire outstretches your ability?
Like your heart flutters but your body can't move?

Its a catch 22.
You want to be there- to help
but Time or distance cant seem to catch up with you.
Its hopeless.
You just have to sit and watch it unfold.

Sit and wait.
I think every ounce of my "JuJu" is overseas.
I know its a long distance, and I hope some hasn't fallen to the depths of the Ocean,
Submerged in political clout

Because no matter what side of the war you are on
The soldiers are still humans.
They are still individuals.
And any life lost is a travesty.

I would argue they shouldn't be over there,
and that our Govt has caused this atrocity.
But where do you place the soldier?

Where do I place my friends over there?
Where do I place that one in particular- that is one of the closest people to me?
Because I don't see him as a "soldier"
I see him as the Anthropology major that got me interested in Genghis Khan.
The one that opened my eyes to perspectives I hadn't previously considered.
I see the human side.

To me he is an individual.
And I blame those that made Iraq and Afghanistan an option or rather a force.
Those that hide the option of being a "contentious objector"
I think those that enacted this are the ones at fault.

I feel the same about the Afghan people. They are individuals.
Their death is horrendous just the same.

But where is that line drawn?
Its hard to decipher.

What do you think?

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  1. I think that it is not only possible but commmon for a person to sacrifice his life for someone who is wasting it, making the argument that one cannot view a sacrifice as a waste without dishonoring it a fallacy.