Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The passing of time.

I feel like I have lost something.

Misplaced a part of me.... somewhere in the unknown of existence.
but We all contain differing parts of our being.

These tears won't cease to fall from my cheeks.
And I can feel my heartbeat.
It is the loudest I have heard it beat in a long time.

Sometimes potential loss does that to us.
Makes us see our vulnerability.
Realize that we are truly alive.

I have had notable people in my life pass...
It was the hardest thing to get through,
and I am very loyal to people, before and after their life has blessed me.
I recognize how much a life means.

My heart cringes at the thought of someone dying alone.
With noone to love or caring for them.
This adds to my lifes mission.
To sincerely showcase the care I have for those in my life-
both close and far away.
And to appreciate their existence.

Some call it vulnerability
some see it as a vice.
I think true strength is beign able to put yourself out there-
exposed and open to all of the elements.

Not everyone will understand- but that is the beauty in it.
That you are the example you wish from others.

You care for those that may disagree with you,
You do whatever you can for your brethren.
You fight for what is right.

It has to be in your soul.
In your being.

But when that type of soul is diminished or taken-
It haunts you.
Hurts you to the core.
Because those type of ppl are rare.

The ones that can change your mood in an instant.
That are positive through anything,
That are pure of heart.

Those people should be missed.
Should be cared for.
Should be appreciated every day they are on earth.

Please locate those people and be the change you wish to see.
thank you.

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