Sunday, September 27, 2009

Defending Civil Liberties.

Out of the rain.
Laying myself to dry in the suns heat.
Cleansing me
and drying these tears from my eyes.

When will this stop?
When will we demand more for ourselves?

How do we find our way back down?
To get out of what we never chose to get into?

What will it take to demand respect for one anothers lives, property, and happiness?

It kills me
Tears open my idealistic soul
And makes me that much more vigilant.

Maybe i am too in tune with the envisionment of freedom.
Maybe I care too much.
Maybe I am foolish in my empathy for those that just don't know any better.
That we can change, that anyone from any part of the spectrum can be awakened to liberty.

But this weekends events have made question that.
This in particular:

Are we preaching to ourselves?
Will we ever awaken those that blindly follow orders?
Those that don't see the danger in our friends and family being in Iraq, Sommalia, Afghanistan, or Iran?
Those that watch that link and react with acceptance of those that follow lock step to the point of inflicting violence on citizens....

Will we ever change them through logic?
Through Love?
Through this idealistic heart?
This heart that carries the worlds burdens?

What can you and I do to relieve this discontent on others?
When will we unite as a force,
not to appease one side or another
not to make friends
not to water down the message for the sake of outside groups

but to do so FOR THE MOVEMENT

I am in this fight for life.
I am willing to fight.
Join me.

Lets use our lives and voices to save lives- to unite others- to use conviction to help awaken others.
Lets Band together and fight these giants out to take our freedoms from us.

LET's Defend our Civil Liberties and others lives, both domestic and abroad.

These people are us transposed. Lets look out for one another. Lets fight back.

Monday, September 7, 2009

the disconnect

What has happened?
At what point do you lose yourself in work?
And how can you differentiate work from pleasure?

I am worn out.
My head spins like a carousel.
But still chugging. Still fighting.
Still pushing for what is right.

Are we no longer going to go back to our old life?
When my biggest worry was what my weekend would consist of
My old chamber in the Microbio lab.
Where I would excitedly put on my scrubs, head to work, and await what infectious disease I was working with that day.

And honestly- I miss it.
I miss the beautiful smell of petri dishes
Miss telling parasite stories to my colleagues and them getting it.
I miss science. sincerely.

It is so different now.
Where there isn't a time to clock out-
Where your work life and personal life are interconnected.

Where has my private life gone?
At what point did I trade in the simple life for this one?

But I have found my place in the sun,
What I adore-
this movement
those within it.

I couldn't ask for more of a purpose than what I am embedded in right now.

But I miss my friends from Atlanta and Charleston,
Miss that I can see them regularly.
Miss my family,
miss the adventures we have had.

But I finally saw its face.
Saw it creep in like the night. and show me.
this is what I am meant to do.
My calling. Fate. Purpose.
And I couldn't thank you enough for what you have done for this movement.

We have to support one another.
We have to look out for one another.
This is my promise.

T devote myself to this movement.
Work until we achieve Liberty.
For in my heart of hearts I know we Will achieve Liberty in our Lifetime

We are brothers and sisters in this fight.
And the trivial life of yesteryear seems like a transient dream.
Who we were, who we are.

The beauty of it all is to see where we were,
and take that knowledge and reach out.
To embrace that part of ourselves, and keep it close.
Tuck it into our new selves and use it to change the world.
Changing it one relationship and one person at a time.

I breathe.
And awaken to this reality.
And I don't appreciate it enough.
we don't appreciate this movement enough.

And we tend to lose ourselves.
Burn ourselves out.
give too much
not make time for our personal selves.

But we have to look out for one another.
So if you see someone in need- please look after them.
Lets be a family within this movement!