Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waking Life

Sometimes I think about levitation.
Not in the sense of a spiritual phenomena
but rather the physics behind it.

To rise,
Staring into the eyes of Gravity
and rejecting its existence.

Equating you with a feather blowing in the wind.
How beautiful those moments are.

When we learn to let go.
When we allow ourselves to rise above the constraints of this world.
when we truly live.

We allow material representations synonymous with gravity keep us from acheiving our potential.
I reject this notion.
Lets release our fears- our limitations- our grasp on control or its force on us.
Lets float above this, and focus on what we could be rather than what someone else says we are.

Lets truly live.

Lets awaken life.


  1. The title of a great movie as well... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0243017/

  2. yeah, that was the point. its my favorite movie!

  3. Life shrinks or expands
    in proportion to one's courage.
    ~Anais Nin