Friday, July 31, 2009

Autonomy and the movement

How many flights must we take until we realize that we can soar above the clouds on our own?
That the limitation of gravity is a fallacy?
All we have to do is wake up.

The images we see are truly upside down- Our mind flips them.

How does this reality the truth confine us to the audacity of gravity and physics grasp on our lives?

We need to wake up.

No one limits you but yourself.
YOU hold yourself in bondage.
You choose to follow lies.
You choose to believe half truths.

When will we make our own dreams?
When do we say no to government intrusions?
When will us as a people deny our privacy rights from being taken?
When will we reject the status quo?
When do we fight instead of merely react?

This reality isn't my dream.
It isn't the life I want to live.
And I will not stop until my desires for myself are met.
For me-
For my family-
For the future of the young liberty lovers out there.

We fight for you.

Let's not mitigate the movement to borders and limiting forces, but rather to all of the revolutionaries out there.
Lets change the way we live.
Lets decide for ourselves what to accept.
Lets meet our Own needs instead of forcing it from others.

Lets unite under the banner of Love.

Lets unite under the notion that as individuals, our autonomy limits us in nothing but the use of force on others.
Lets wake ourselves, then spend our lives unchaining others.

We can enact this change- all we need to do is reject what we have been given and begin to fight.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waking Life

Sometimes I think about levitation.
Not in the sense of a spiritual phenomena
but rather the physics behind it.

To rise,
Staring into the eyes of Gravity
and rejecting its existence.

Equating you with a feather blowing in the wind.
How beautiful those moments are.

When we learn to let go.
When we allow ourselves to rise above the constraints of this world.
when we truly live.

We allow material representations synonymous with gravity keep us from acheiving our potential.
I reject this notion.
Lets release our fears- our limitations- our grasp on control or its force on us.
Lets float above this, and focus on what we could be rather than what someone else says we are.

Lets truly live.

Lets awaken life.