Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The beauty of fear s demise

To wait.

anticipation growing
that never ending sleep that I find myself clinging to

for all I see

scares me.

What causes fear to sit in our chest?
to capsulate our hearts?
to leave us lying dormant?

anticipating intent
clouding our miniature window of perception

When will we learn to break the glass?
to see the world for what it truly is?
beyond the range and limitations of this world?

That this being- this realm
means nothing-
that shattering the glass ceiling- still leaves you cut and bleeding?

The world- if you enslave yourself to imprison yourself to its mediums and traditions
will limit you
and what you can achieve.

We need to look beyond this fear
and this physical illusion

Learn to truly awaken
stop enslaving ourselves- and one another

and break free form the constraints of fear, and perception.

Lets learn what it truly means to love
to care for others and ourselves
to truly appreciate what is around us.
rather than fight- lets awaken to the notion of beauty within every thorn.

Learn to look at those wrinkles-
and instead of seeing pain
realize that those folds are moment in time
moments that taught you
allowed you to appreciate this moment.

taught you how to appreciate fully
how to truly love
and how to accept truth.

Lets stand up for ourselves
and fight back in methods of love and solitude.

Lets unite
and stand together.

Fear may try to distract us-
but these relationships we make with one another are the way to freedom.

True freedom.