Sunday, May 10, 2009

To begin again

The late nights stagnant air clings to my cheeks
And I wonder
what has led me to this one spot

what chain of events has given way so that I can become complete?

so many minute lifetimes, stories, existences
wrapped into one life.

And through it all l I have shown one thing:
an ability to give myself over to what was meant to happen

and what is there to say to those havent felt the heartache as I have?
those that felt free away from pain?

I would argue that without the vulnerability I wouldnt have felt that heartache
but congruently
I wouldnt have experienced that feeling
the one in particular
that tingles through your bones, when you hear that persons voice or see their presence

The feeling that moves you to tears
that cascades your chest and fills you face with painful smiles
forcing your lips to open wide

That sensation is worth the vulnerability or potentiality for heartache

maybe I am just a sentimental idealist.
or foolish

but my heart tells me that good things are bound to happen
with drive, and belief in the goodness that fills this world.
I am amazed every day to the beauty of this world.
It moves me
to tears
And I sway to its current.
Awaiting for what it has in store.
And relishing in every minute of it.

Welcoming that tingling sensation to commence.
to truly live.
I couldnt be happier.

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