Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the ripple in the oceans waves moved me that day
Led me to a place inside myself I had long forgotten about
potentially abandoned.

And I saw the world for what it truly was.
and I embraced it.

the purity in the breeze,
the longing in the suns kiss on my cheeks.

I witnessed it.
for my very own

I awoke from that cave
traveling up the ascent.
and into the reality of the world

the realization that this world is beyond this materialistic realm
its about our hearts.
our appreciation
our sincerity

Its about that heart beat.
our hearts tap to someone elses ears.

and i felt that again.
what i felt when i was a child.
that moment

as my ear was hearing the echoing of that hearts thump
I travelled back to that moment
when everything in this world made sense.

when I awoke in Plato's cave
and experienced the world anew.
when I could lay with that sun and its shine forever

when leaving its presence was my only fear in the world.

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