Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My ramblings on love/vulnerability

Do we exert our perception on ideas?
Is it as someone clarified-
that elements within oneself are directly reflected onto our perception of the world?
or does the positive forces on the world exist independently of our perception?

How do we then perceive love?
What is the cost of love?
Is the reflection of the love within ourselves?
Do some of us scrounge for change of love under the couch of our soul
As some are loaded with a trust fund of adoration?

How do we define love?
how is it perceived
and are the two compatible?

I would argue love is independent of our perception.
I say this because I have felt love-
filling my chest, forcing a smile consistently

and though a day was bad-
that love lifted my sorrow and expunged it.
If it had been a shadow of my own attained virtues, I would have had sorrow.

Love,and the underlying factor- vulnerability- led me to have that ability.
To soar above the clouds of distress, and relish the moment.

There are different forms of love, and I can imagine what true love tastes like
sweet and delicious.
Just like that first feeling when you realize that you gave over your real self, allowed others to see you-
without worry of wounds or facades.
True openness. True vulnerability

and I don't see my perception of love as being what is contained in me- replicated- and shadowed on something beyond myself


  1. Love is when two people embrace their vulnerability to one another simultaneously.

    You can feel the disconnect when it is just one and not the other. This feels like love for that one going into it, but the result is rather just awkward disconnect.

  2. Your words sing to my heart, Allison. Thank you for this post. It is beautiful and raw.

    You are not alone. Do not give up, for you are a beautiful butterfly. Let these words be your cocoon and when the time is right, you will spread your wings and bliss will fill the day when the awkward disconnect becomes that something you've been longing for all the meanwhile.