Friday, May 15, 2009

Fatalistic dead ends

What is life?
Merely a sequence of exits
On an outstretched interstate??
Full of wrong directions,
misinterpreted signals,
and beautiful landscapes?

Or is the interstate theory a man-made creation?

Maybe there is no one path
but rather a series of detours leading us
in essence
where we choose.

Allowing us to choose our own dead-ends

For what is a dead end?
To me-
its a new beginning
a new change of scenery
a chance

to illuminate a new spark
within us
within others
within those special to us.

For, no matter where life leads us...
we choose how we perceive it.
We ultimately decide
how we will live
who we awaken
and how we treat one another

Because that is the Most important aspect of us humans.....
Who we take our trip with-
And who we leave stranded along the way.....

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