Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the ripple in the oceans waves moved me that day
Led me to a place inside myself I had long forgotten about
potentially abandoned.

And I saw the world for what it truly was.
and I embraced it.

the purity in the breeze,
the longing in the suns kiss on my cheeks.

I witnessed it.
for my very own

I awoke from that cave
traveling up the ascent.
and into the reality of the world

the realization that this world is beyond this materialistic realm
its about our hearts.
our appreciation
our sincerity

Its about that heart beat.
our hearts tap to someone elses ears.

and i felt that again.
what i felt when i was a child.
that moment

as my ear was hearing the echoing of that hearts thump
I travelled back to that moment
when everything in this world made sense.

when I awoke in Plato's cave
and experienced the world anew.
when I could lay with that sun and its shine forever

when leaving its presence was my only fear in the world.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disrespect is an artform

Moments hit us sometimes
Shut us down immediately.

I hate those moments.
Maybe its my perception taking hold of myself.
Maybe reality isn't as I proposed.

Either way-
things happen as they will to a varying degree.

But I refuse to be brought down by unresponsive ears.

Refuse to give time to those who, in a moment's notice, will disrespect you in their voice.

Respect is earned.
And if someone gives their effort, time, distance, and strength towards helping you out- you never disrespect them.

Learning lessons is hard- but needed.
that is something I am learning.
I had become a simple souvenir of someone's kill

how does one disengage?
Disrespect is an artform.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fatalistic dead ends

What is life?
Merely a sequence of exits
On an outstretched interstate??
Full of wrong directions,
misinterpreted signals,
and beautiful landscapes?

Or is the interstate theory a man-made creation?

Maybe there is no one path
but rather a series of detours leading us
in essence
where we choose.

Allowing us to choose our own dead-ends

For what is a dead end?
To me-
its a new beginning
a new change of scenery
a chance

to illuminate a new spark
within us
within others
within those special to us.

For, no matter where life leads us...
we choose how we perceive it.
We ultimately decide
how we will live
who we awaken
and how we treat one another

Because that is the Most important aspect of us humans.....
Who we take our trip with-
And who we leave stranded along the way.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My ramblings on love/vulnerability

Do we exert our perception on ideas?
Is it as someone clarified-
that elements within oneself are directly reflected onto our perception of the world?
or does the positive forces on the world exist independently of our perception?

How do we then perceive love?
What is the cost of love?
Is the reflection of the love within ourselves?
Do some of us scrounge for change of love under the couch of our soul
As some are loaded with a trust fund of adoration?

How do we define love?
how is it perceived
and are the two compatible?

I would argue love is independent of our perception.
I say this because I have felt love-
filling my chest, forcing a smile consistently

and though a day was bad-
that love lifted my sorrow and expunged it.
If it had been a shadow of my own attained virtues, I would have had sorrow.

Love,and the underlying factor- vulnerability- led me to have that ability.
To soar above the clouds of distress, and relish the moment.

There are different forms of love, and I can imagine what true love tastes like
sweet and delicious.
Just like that first feeling when you realize that you gave over your real self, allowed others to see you-
without worry of wounds or facades.
True openness. True vulnerability

and I don't see my perception of love as being what is contained in me- replicated- and shadowed on something beyond myself

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To begin again

The late nights stagnant air clings to my cheeks
And I wonder
what has led me to this one spot

what chain of events has given way so that I can become complete?

so many minute lifetimes, stories, existences
wrapped into one life.

And through it all l I have shown one thing:
an ability to give myself over to what was meant to happen

and what is there to say to those havent felt the heartache as I have?
those that felt free away from pain?

I would argue that without the vulnerability I wouldnt have felt that heartache
but congruently
I wouldnt have experienced that feeling
the one in particular
that tingles through your bones, when you hear that persons voice or see their presence

The feeling that moves you to tears
that cascades your chest and fills you face with painful smiles
forcing your lips to open wide

That sensation is worth the vulnerability or potentiality for heartache

maybe I am just a sentimental idealist.
or foolish

but my heart tells me that good things are bound to happen
with drive, and belief in the goodness that fills this world.
I am amazed every day to the beauty of this world.
It moves me
to tears
And I sway to its current.
Awaiting for what it has in store.
And relishing in every minute of it.

Welcoming that tingling sensation to commence.
to truly live.
I couldnt be happier.