Monday, April 13, 2009

Truth in the Holy City

It amazes me every time
Eyes Brighten,
Heart Beats faster,
Cheeks grow pink and warm
And a permanent look of tranquility cascades over your face

The moment you realize that this particular moment
That essence of time:
triggers something inside-
Melting you to your core

The moment you realize
everyone is interconnected
That you profess beliefs-
Sometimes so idealistic that you can no longer see the ground -
that are appreciated and notated,
transcribed and translated out of anothers mouth.

That you have just gotten to the heart of the matter
That all the time you have spent exposing your soul
Hasn't gone unnoticed
and Exists outside of your own perception

I felt this
amidst the Holy City
with one of my favorite people in existence

And as she spoke I felt as if that moment
That particular string of seconds
were meant just where they were
that fate, time, chance all cullminated to that conversation

And it unified the trip
and we both left today better people
stronger in our convictions
a firm friendship that not even time could destroy

I had battled with that city
and gave all i had to it
And last I knew- it had defeated me

but it hadn't

For those that fight for what is right in this world will always face a choice-
the choice to allow perception to evade our logic
or to realize that our perception distorts what truth is.

We have to see beyond this simplistic realm.
We have to realize that what we are fighting for is worth it
That sometimes the ones who are the most sincere, the most honest, the fighters
will endure more
but it is real- honest- appreciated by those that endure the same

it is worth the fight.
we are worth the fight.

And you arent alone in seeing that we- the movement- the loyal supporters of truth and beauty- will win out in the end.

This struggle is worth the outcome. just wait. you will see

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