Monday, March 30, 2009

Reactivating the Liberty Movement

Are we images of our previously selves? Mere reflections of seconds previously?
How do we decipher what is and what was? What exists and what doesn't?

I would argue that this physical realm means nothing. It is illusionary and once we become trapped within it- we lose our true selves. - The good we contain outside of these walls of perceptive reality.

Not exist- but to truly live?

Why do we allow ourselves to fall into this cyclical pattern and lose ourselves over and over again?
When will we see that once we let go- we will truly live?

Trapped in that Damned cave again. Alone- and we see ourselves as hopeless....
That is why I believe this movement is so important. And not the movement itself- but rather those that are pushing that movement- us.
We have to go back into that cave and pull out those of us that are still asleep. We have to awaken others up just as we have awoken.

And this will not be easy... wont be an overnight job.
And if we realize that all that we have been taught in this physical realm was an illusion- we can transcend.

When will we connect to one another and daily reactivate ourselves in what is important?

I refuse to go through the cycle again. and I refuse for the Liberty movement family to either. That is why I am here- to motivate and keep everyone in the fold- keep them steadfast in awakening others.

So, lets go out and make a difference. Lets Live rather than exist.

I appreciate what you are doing for both yourself and the movement.

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