Sunday, January 25, 2009

Platonic Descention

Does conviction matter in this world?

Peace isn't spoken anymore.. actually I don't believe it is even in our vocabulary...

When will this heart begin to reject the idea that I may be safer on an airplane?
Safer in the sky up above than in this world that is losing its capacity to love. to cherish. to feel something other than impulse?

Will we succeed in our fight? Do we stand a chance?

When will we wake to the notion that Plato was always right? That the allegory has a direct correlation to life?

The cave, the ascent.

Why does the philosopher continue to try and unshackle those trapped in the cave?

I have personally always wondered what makes the philosopher, after seeing the truth of the Form world....descend Back into the cave....
What triggers the selflessness to serve others above oneself?
After seeing such beauty- he returns to the cave. the descent?

Maybe I will never know... maybe we see ourselves in these individuals- chained to the chairs of indulgence- coerced by the shadows of pain and regret?

maybe its because we picture our past selves struggling to breathe, to feel...... anything at all.
Willing to believe anything- just to feel the sensation of life again.

Maybe we are attempting to retain our hope- our hope that we won't ascend alone.

That others can retain the hope- even if it is in just us- that there is something more- to look forward to- to care for- to be able to feel the pins and needles in their legs... anything but numbness.... allowing them to begin the ascent into the Form world- the beauty of this life.

To begin living- not merely existing.

For all we have is the forms. The only option at this point is to hope. If we lose that, then what do we have?

It is a philosophical conundrum.

Because sometimes........... you have to break your neck to keep your chin up.