Monday, April 20, 2009

Intrinsic Value

What do we account for?

The intrinsic value of an individual.
Can it be measured with Aristotelian principles?
Can we extricate metaphysic essences from a being?
Was Plato right all along?

Maybe we are a culmination of virtues
or forms
and perception conditions our idea of Evil.
Isnt it plausible to assume evil is in direct relationship to our rejection or ignorance of the virtues?
That we are all intrinsicly good?

But yet what is the loss of a loved one?
How can that be our perception?
It is a horrible thing to lose someone you love
either by unending dreams
or heartbreak

Sometimes All I see
Scares me.
Why is this?

Fear of the unknown?
Fear of sadness, regret, loss?
Isnt fear a figment of our perception?
I would argue so, but it is apart of us
The physical realm.
The Aristotelian perspective.

But I think We have to see what we are made of.
What lies underneath this cloak of the physical.
To our hearts
To our intrinsic value
Our essence.
And I could never say that the essence contains a negative virtue.

Because people deep down
want the best.
Have a purified heart-
until perception invades.

We have to look past this.
And see one another for what we are.
And embrace it.
Nurture it.
And watch it blossom.

I know its true.
I see it.

Lets realize our virtues and use them to ignite a spark
in this perceptualized dim world.

Lets teach the world to care again.

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  1. Where does perception come from? The mind? Does the mind corrupt the heart? More questions could be posed, for which I'm sure there are answers. I like your premise and am curious of your opinion on what the ultimate foundation for the corruption of good is.