Monday, April 20, 2009

Intrinsic Value

What do we account for?

The intrinsic value of an individual.
Can it be measured with Aristotelian principles?
Can we extricate metaphysic essences from a being?
Was Plato right all along?

Maybe we are a culmination of virtues
or forms
and perception conditions our idea of Evil.
Isnt it plausible to assume evil is in direct relationship to our rejection or ignorance of the virtues?
That we are all intrinsicly good?

But yet what is the loss of a loved one?
How can that be our perception?
It is a horrible thing to lose someone you love
either by unending dreams
or heartbreak

Sometimes All I see
Scares me.
Why is this?

Fear of the unknown?
Fear of sadness, regret, loss?
Isnt fear a figment of our perception?
I would argue so, but it is apart of us
The physical realm.
The Aristotelian perspective.

But I think We have to see what we are made of.
What lies underneath this cloak of the physical.
To our hearts
To our intrinsic value
Our essence.
And I could never say that the essence contains a negative virtue.

Because people deep down
want the best.
Have a purified heart-
until perception invades.

We have to look past this.
And see one another for what we are.
And embrace it.
Nurture it.
And watch it blossom.

I know its true.
I see it.

Lets realize our virtues and use them to ignite a spark
in this perceptualized dim world.

Lets teach the world to care again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Do we know what we desire?
In our hearts?
Do we know now- in this moment- that all will be ok?
Have we come to terms with the notion that sometimes things won't work out?
And that the initial idea was justified and called for?

I am learning some hard lessons with life

That there are some things in this world that no amount of effort can fix.
That your heart may be sincere-
and though you try with all your might-
somethings just aren't meant to be.

I have spent my life attempting to prove this idea wrong.
Proving that the good will always win out
and that it is our narrow scope that eludes us to the inner voice of dissent.

But my life has had some futile conclusions-
where no matter what I did, how hard I worked, how much time and love I put into something-
it just didn't work out.
I couldn't change what I couldn't control.

I detest that word.
but I see myself hoping for a particular outcome
then attempting to make it so
only to my own disappointment

And this goes for anything in life.

When will we let go of needing outcomes?
when will we see that things will happen as they should
that no matter the intensity of your manipulation-
heartache, sickness, death
will always be a continual potential outcome in our lives?

Its all about how you handle it.
Take life as it comes
or spend your last breath attempting to stall the inevitable.

I dont want to participate in the latter anymore.
I don't want to continually set myself up
only to be let down.
I don't want to expect an imaginary outcome
But I still want to believe that the good will win out.
I think we all want to believe that
because we know it is true

so the key is to let go.
Trust in the forms.
the movement.
And lets see where it takes us.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Truth in the Holy City

It amazes me every time
Eyes Brighten,
Heart Beats faster,
Cheeks grow pink and warm
And a permanent look of tranquility cascades over your face

The moment you realize that this particular moment
That essence of time:
triggers something inside-
Melting you to your core

The moment you realize
everyone is interconnected
That you profess beliefs-
Sometimes so idealistic that you can no longer see the ground -
that are appreciated and notated,
transcribed and translated out of anothers mouth.

That you have just gotten to the heart of the matter
That all the time you have spent exposing your soul
Hasn't gone unnoticed
and Exists outside of your own perception

I felt this
amidst the Holy City
with one of my favorite people in existence

And as she spoke I felt as if that moment
That particular string of seconds
were meant just where they were
that fate, time, chance all cullminated to that conversation

And it unified the trip
and we both left today better people
stronger in our convictions
a firm friendship that not even time could destroy

I had battled with that city
and gave all i had to it
And last I knew- it had defeated me

but it hadn't

For those that fight for what is right in this world will always face a choice-
the choice to allow perception to evade our logic
or to realize that our perception distorts what truth is.

We have to see beyond this simplistic realm.
We have to realize that what we are fighting for is worth it
That sometimes the ones who are the most sincere, the most honest, the fighters
will endure more
but it is real- honest- appreciated by those that endure the same

it is worth the fight.
we are worth the fight.

And you arent alone in seeing that we- the movement- the loyal supporters of truth and beauty- will win out in the end.

This struggle is worth the outcome. just wait. you will see

Friday, April 10, 2009

The truth of the movement

We have a tendency to constrain ourselves.
Keep oneself from going too far-

But what is too far?
Who determines those parameters?
Who is to say one tries too hard, or loves too deeply?
Can we possibly care too much?

To revel in the thoughts of others
To feel that passion for something
an affinity

We feel compelled at times
and I would argue that feeling in ones chest is fate and the Forms forcing us to recognize what is right....

to play out the scenario in which good is accomplished.
to enact an ideal within ourselves that sets in motion a series of interactions- ultimately leading to the right outcome

But I could never imagine a situation in which caring too much would ever exist.
to give yourself- Altruistically
is the best virtue there is
the noblest

to give oneself for another.
to Choose to give what you have for someone else......
that is true beauty in my eyes

We always must take others into consideration in our daily events
we are a movement together

we have this affinity for one another just as we individually do for our families and closest friends.
we are family..
we have to start living as such

this movement must Phoenix.
we have to raise up together

not because we were forced to by an aggressor-
not because we don't want to be seen as not caring-

but because we Choose to
we feel that connectivity to one another
because we are altruistic (in varying degrees)
because it is WHAT IS RIGHT

we have to be the change we seek.
in our daily lives
in our homes
in the movement.

live by example.
live because existence isn't enough

live how you want- where you want- but without harm to anyone else.

Lets rise up
together, autonomous but vigilant